Main Sessions

2007 Fortaleza


2008 Funchal


2009 Rio de Janeiro


2010 Evora

  • Antonio Gledson de Carvalho, Joao Amaro de Matos and Douglas Bezerra, Determinants of Price Stabilization in Initial Public Offerings, International Journal of Banking Accounting and Finance (2019) forthcoming. LUBRAFIN paper (Luso-Brazilian co-authorship).


2011 Natal


 2012 Coimbra


2013 Buzios


2014 Pinhao – Vale do Douro

  • Heitor Almeida, Igor Cunha, Miguel Ferreira and Felipe Restrepo, The Real Effects of Credit Ratings: the sovereign Ceiling Chanel, Journal of Finance, forthcoming. LUBRAFIN paper (Luso-Brazilian co-authorship).
  • Pedro Saffi, Scott Richardson and Kari Sigurdsson, Deleveraging Risk, Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.
  • Geraldo Cerqueiro, Deepak Hedge, Maria Fabiana Penas and Robert C. Seamans, Debtor Rights, Credit Supply, and Innovation, Management Science, forthcoming. 


2015 Óbidos - Praia D'El Rey

  • Rui Silva, Gregor Matvos and Amit Seru, Financial Market Frictions and Diversification, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.
  • Murillo Campello and Mauricio Larrain, Enlarging the Contracting Space: Collateral Menus, Access to Credit, and Economic Activity, Review of Financial Studies, (2016), 29(2), 349-383.
  • Miguel Ferreira, Igor Cunha and Manuel Adelino, The Economic Effects of Public Financing: Evidence from Municipal Bond Ratins Calibration, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming. LUBRAFIN paper (Luso-Brazilian co-authorship).


2016 Ouro Preto

  • Fernando Chague, Rodrigo De Losso, Alan De Genaro and Bruno Giovannetti, Well-connected short sellers pay lower loan fees: A market-wide analysis, Journal of Financial Economics (2017), 23(3), 646-670.
  • Murillo Campello, J. Gao, J. Qiu, and Y. Zhang, Bankruptcy and The Cost of Organized Labor: Evidence from Union Elections, forthcoming, Review of Financial Studies 2018 (31),980-1013.
  • Heitor Almeida, Kristine W. Hankins and Ryan Williams, Risk Management with Supply Contracts, Review of Financial Studies (2017), 30(12), 4179-4215.
  • Mazur M., Salganik-Shoshan G., (2017), Teaming up and quiet intervention: The impact of institutional investors on executive compensation policies, Journal of Financial Markets, 35, pp. 65-83.


2017 Furnas - Azores 

  • Miguel Ferreira, Pedro Matos and Pedro Pires (2018), Asset Management within Commercial Banking Groups International Evidence, Journal of Finance,73,2181-2227
  • Andrei Gonçalves, Reinvestment Risk and the Equity Term Structure, Journal of Finance, forthcoming.
  • Murillo Campello, K. Aretz and M. Marchica, Access to Collateral and the Democratization of Credit: France’s Reform of the Napoleonic Security Code, Journal of Finance, 2020 (75), 45-90.
  • Rafael Zambrana, Fernando Zapatero, A Tale of Two Types: Generalists Vs. Specialists in Asset Management, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.
  • Diana Bonfim, Gil Nogueira and Steven Ongena, Sorry, we're closed: loan conditions when due to branch closure firms transfer to another bank, Review of Finance, forthcoming.
  • Pedro Saffi, Adam Reed and Edward Van Wesep (2019), Short Sales Constraints and the Diversification Puzzle”, Management Science, forthcoming

2018 Brazil - Porto de Galinhas

  • Felipe Iachan, Plamen Nenov and Alp Simsek “The choice channel of financial innovation” (2021), American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 13(2), 333-72.
  • Thorsten Beck, Samuel da-Rocha-Lopes and Andre Silva, Sharing the Pain? Credit Supply and Real Effects of Bank Bail-ins, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.
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