Main Sessions

2007 Fortaleza


2008 Funchal


2009 Rio de Janeiro


2010 Evora


2011 Natal



2012 Coimbra


2013 Buzios


2014 Pinhao – Vale do Douro

  • Heitor Almeida, Igor Cunha, Miguel Ferreira and Felipe Restrepo, The Real Effects of Credit Ratings: the sovereign Ceiling Chanel, Journal of Finance, forthcoming. LUBRAFIN paper (Luso-Brazilian co-authorship).
  • Pedro Saffi, Scott Richardson and Kari Sigurdsson, Deleveraging Risk, Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.
  • Geraldo Cerqueiro, Deepak Hedge, Maria Fabiana Penas and Robert C. Seamans, Debtor Rights, Credit Supply, and Innovation, Management Science, forthcoming. 


2015 Óbidos - Praia D'El Rey

  • Rui Silva, Gregor Matvos and Amit Seru, Financial Market Frictions and Diversification, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.
  • Murillo Campello and Mauricio Larrain, Enlarging the Contracting Space: Collateral Menus, Access to Credit, and Economic Activity, Review of Financial Studies, (2016), 29(2), 349-383.
  • Miguel Ferreira, Igor Cunha and Manuel Adelino, The Economic Effects of Public Financing: Evidence from Municipal Bond Ratins Calibration, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming. LUBRAFIN paper (Luso-Brazilian co-authorship).


2016 Ouro Preto


2017 Furnas - Azores 

  • Miguel Ferreira, Pedro Matos and Pedro Pires, Asset Management within Commercial Banking Groups International Evidence, Journal of Finance, forthcoming.