Short Papers

Lubrafin 2007 - Fortaleza

Serra, Ana Paula,"Market Impact of International Sporting and Cultural Events", Journal of Economics and Finance, 35: 382-416, 2011.

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Lubrafin 2008 - Funchal

Amaro de Matos, Joao and Ana Lacerda,"Randomized Stopping Times and Early Exercise for American Derivatives in Dry Markets", Journal of Mathematical Finance, 6(5): 842-865, 2016.

Silva, Andre C., "Managerial Ability and Capital Flows," Journal of Development Economics, 93(1): 126-136, 2010.

Lubrafin 2009 - Rio de Janeiro

Silva, Andre C., "Rebalancing Frequency and the Welfare Cost of Inflation," American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 4(2): 153-183, 2012.

Marques, Ana and Isidro, Helena, "The Effects of Compensation and Board Quality on Non-GAAP Reporting Decisions," The International Journal of Accounting, 48: 289-317, 2013.

Lubrafin 2015 - Óbidos

Guillen, O.T., Hecq, A., Issler, J.V., and Saraiva, D., "Forecasting Multivariate Time Series under Present-Value-Model Short- and Long-run Co-movement Restrictions," Forthcoming in the International Journal of Forecasting.

Rafael Matta, M. Campello and T. Ladika, Renegotiation Frictions and Financial Distress Resolution: Evidence from CDS Spreads, Review of Finance 23, 2019, pp. 513-556.

2017 Furnas -Azores 

Fernando Chague, Rodrigo De-Losso Bruno Giovannetti, (2019), The short-selling skill of institutions and individuals, Journal of Banking & Finance 101, 77-91.

2019 Olhão 

Fabio Cereda, Fernando Chague, Rodrigo De-Losso, Alan Genaro, Bruno Giovannetti, (2021) Price Transparency in OTC Equity Lending Markets: Evidence From a Loan Fee Benchmark, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

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