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XI Luso-Brazilian Finance Meeting – Furnas, Azores

April 7-9, 2017

Organizers: João Amaro de Matos, José Miguel Gaspar, Marco Bonomo and Walter Novaes

Friday Evening

5:30-6:45 pm: The Equity Term Structure

Andrei Gonçalves

Discussant: José Faias

Short Communications

6:45-6:55 pm: Uncovering skilled short-sellers, Bruno Giovannetti

6:55-7:05 pm: Optimal Government Guarantees in a Heterogeneous Banking Union, Ettore Panetti 

7:05-7:15 pm: Macroeconomic Indicators explain and predict default? A study using Brazilian data, Pedro Valls Pereira


7:15-7:45 pm: Coffee Break


7:45-9:00 pm: The Cross-Section of Household Preferences

Francisco Gomes, Laurent Calvet, John Campbell, Paolo Sodini

Discussant: Marco Bonomo


Saturday Morning

9:00-10:15 am: Gambling, Risk Attitude and Asset Pricing

Ruy Ribeiro, Carlos Carvalho, Daniel Cordeiro, Eduardo Zilberman

Discussant: João Pedro Pereira

Short Communications

10:15-10:25 pm: The importance of Financial Advisors for Acquirers and Merger Waves, José Faias

10:25-10:35 pm: Facilitating takeovers and Takeover Premia: The case of coordinated monitoring, Miezko Mazur

10:35-10:45 pm: Bank Financing and the survival of new firms, Sonia Felix


10:45-11:15 am: Coffee Break


11:15-12:30 am: Asset Management Within Commercial Banking Groups: International Evidence

Pedro Matos, Miguel Ferreira, Pedro Pires

Discussant: Ruy Ribeiro



Saturday Afternoon

5:00-6:15 pm: Access to Collateral and The Democratization of Credit: France's Reform of The Napoleonic Security Code

Murillo Campello, Kevin Aretz, Maria-Teresa Marchica

Discussant: José Miguel Gaspar

Short Communications

6:15-6:25 pm: The impact of Private Equity and Venture Capital Growth on Performance, Andrea Minardi

6:25-6:35 pm: A Signaling Theory of Derivatives-Based Hedging, Fernando Anjos

6:35-6:45:  Loan Fee dispersion and the Cross-Section of returns, Marco Bonomo


6:45-7:15 am: Coffee Break


7:15-8:30 pm: A Tale of Two Types: Generalists vs. Specialists in Asset Management

Rafael Zambrana, Fernando Zapatero

Discussant: Bruno Giovannetti



Sunday Morning

9:00-10:15 am: 

 “Sorry, We're Closed": Loan Conditions When Bank Branches Close and Firms Transfer to another Bank

Diana Bonfim, Gil Nogueira, Steven Ongena

Discussant: Walter Novaes

Short Communications

10:30-10:40 pm: Dotcom Bubble and Underpricing: Conjectures and Evidence, Joelson Sampaio

10:40-10:50pm: The effect of hydro and wind generationon the mean and volatility of electricity prices in Spain, João Pedro Pereira


11:15-12:30 am: Short Sales Constraints and the Diversification Puzzle

Pedro Saffi, Adam Reed, Edward Van Wesep

Discussant: Fernando Anjos


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