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VENUE: Hotel Village, Porto Galinhas

This is a 4-stars, sea resort Hotel, facing the beach, located in Ipojuca, Porto de Galinhas. The hotel has a modern architecture in perfect harmony with the surrounding gardens and the beach. Accomodations are available in appartments or independent bungalows. The hotel includes a disco and night shows, and also a dedicated playground for children.

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About Porto Galinhas

For 10 years running, Porto de Galinhas had been named the best beach in Brazil as voted for the Brazilian travel magazine Viagem e Turismo. Porto de Galinhas is still a small village with only a few of streets with a central square, called Pracinha. The village enjoys great weather all year round with a warm sea and permanent breeze and seemingly endless beautiful white beaches which are easily accessed from nearby Recife.

Porto de Galinhas Porto de Galinhas

The town’s name literally translates as Port of Chickens which dates back to the time of slavery when the town was used as a dropping off port for slave ships coming from Africa after the government of Recife prohibited slave ships from landing in the city. As it was forbidden to mention slavery, the word spread as “there are new chickens in the port” and the name of the village was born.

With at least ten beaches, numerous small natural pools and beautiful reefs with plenty of colourful marine life, Porto de Galinhas makes for a perfect beach holiday to Brazil.

Local fishermen take tourists in small, flat sailboats (jangadas) to the natural pools created by the ebbing tide as well as to other beaches in the surrounding areas. There are buggy rides available to the more distant beaches such as the stunning Praia dos Carneiros. There is some good surfing in the area and many surf shacks where you can hire boards such as the Praia do Maracaipe where waves generally reach up to 2.5 metres.

Porto de Galinhas Porto de Galinhas

For lovers of nature you should visit the Hippocampus Project which studies the breeding and preservation of seahorses. The area also does some fabulous work with sea turtles which migrate from the coast between Pontal Maracaípe to Praia Muro Alto in March each year. A local eco-project helps the spawning and breeding of baby turtles and a common sight in March is to see hundreds of baby turtles making their first steps into the sea before returning in around September. Watching the migrations or eggs hatching is fascinating.

Porto de GalinhasPorto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas was once a non-descript tourist village. Today, it is a thriving tourist destination.


Porto de Galinhas doesn’t have its own airport, as it is fairly small being only a small fishing town. However, there’s no need to worry considering that there is a large international airport in Recife, 60km to the north.

There are various ways of getting to Porto de Galinhas, above and beyond arriving by plan, that we will detailing throughout this article.


Where is Porto de Galinhas located?

Porto de Galinhas is located on the northen coastline of Brazil, almost 70 kilometers from Recife, the state capital of Pernambuco.


The closest airport to Porto de Galinhas

Gilberto Freyre in Recife is the closest airport to Porto de Galinhas, more commonly referred to as Guararapes Airport. There are flights to this airport for all the state capitals in Brazil and TAP Portugal, Iberia, American Airlines and Condor Airlines are the international companies that offer flights to this airport from outside of the country.


From the airport in Recife to Porto de Galinhas

There are four ways in which you can get to Porto de Galinhas from the airport: bus, private taxi or organized transfer, shared taxi (without a timetable) or by car.



The cheapest option is to travel by bus offered by the company Cruzeiro. You can take a bus directly from the airport or from the center of Recife and the journey lasts between 1 to 2 hours (depending on whether you leave from the airport or the center and whether you encounter traffic on route).

Cruzeiro offers two types of buses which arrives to Porto de Galinhas. One service is a premium service (“EXECUTIVO COM AR”) which not only provides an air-conditioned bus but which also takes less time to arrive because it follows a more direct route. The price of this service at the time of writing is aproximately 10 Brazilian Reales.

The other service is the basic version. The buses are not air-conditioned and you will not arrive to Porto de Galinhas as quickly as you would do were you to take the premium service as the route taken is not as direct. The price at the time of writing is approximately 6 Brazilian Reales.

Both services leave more or less every hour.

From Recife to Porto de Galinhas: between 5.45am until 9.45pm

From Porto de Galinhas to Recife: between 4.10am until 9.30pm

When you wish to return to the airport, the buses leave from the center of Porto de Galinhas for the airport in Recife from 5.00am until 9pm, more or less. For more information you can contact Cruzeiro directly at (+81) 2101-9000.


Organized Transfer or Private Taxi



It is easy to hire a mini-van service with air-conditioning upon arrival to the airport in Recife. There is a wide variety of travel agencies at the airport which offer this service. The most established is called Lucky Viagens.

Taxi: It is also easy to hire a private taxi upon arrival, however it is important to be attentive to the prices that you are charged. Normally, a taxi service (for 4 people) during the day will cost about 100 Brazilian Reales and at night 120 Brazilian Reales (approximately).



It is not uncommon to be waiting for the Cruzeiro bus service when you are approached by private taxis offering to take you to Porto de Galinhas instead. If you are travelling alone and you don’t mind sharing a taxi with other people who are also waiting for the bus, this could be a good option for you as the price per person (with a full taxi) will cost roughly between 15 to 20 Brazlian Reales at the time of writing.


By car

There are many places in the airport at Recife where you can hire a car to use during your stay in Porto de Galinhas. As always, you must have a valid driving licence and your passport in orderto be able to go through the process of identification.


Directions from Recife to Porto de Galinhas by car

In order to arrive to Porto de Galinhas from the International Airport in Recife, you need to take the Avenida Mascarenhas de Morais in a southerly direction, follow the route until it ends and then naturally converts into the BR-101 route.

Continue along the BR-101 route for about 10 kilometers and then take a right in the direction of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, which you will arrive to after approximately 4 kilometers on route. From Cabo de Santo Agostinho, take a left onto the PE-060 route and continue for a little more than 20 kilometers. Then, when you come to a crossroads on the PE-060 route, take a left.

At this point you will see a sign indicating the entrance to Porto de Galinhas and which means that you are on the final stretch of the journey towards our humble, little paradise


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