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The LUSO-BRAZILIAN FINANCE NETWORK is an informal network of Finance researchers from Brazil and Portugal. It includes naturally

  • Portuguese or Brazilian researchers in the area of Finance
  • Foreigners in Portuguese or Brazilian institutions with active research in Finance
  • Co-authors of any of the above 

The main goal of the Network is to reinforce the existing links between Finance researchers from Brazil and Portugal. Other researchers interested in interacting with these two communities are also welcome.


The Luso-Brazilian Meeting: Since its foundation in 2007, The LUSO-BRAZILIAN FINANCE NETWORK has organized several meetings, where its members presented their ongoing research:

  • Fortaleza in 2007
  • Funchal in 2008
  • Rio de Janeiro in 2009
  • Évora in 2010
  • Natal in 2011
  • Coimbra in 2012
  • Búzios in 2013
  • Pinhao, in the Douro Valley in 2014 
  • Obidos in 2015
  • Ouro Preto in 2016
  • Ponta Delgada, in the island of São Miguel, Azores in 2017
  • Porto de Galinhas in 2018

Typically these meetings happen by the end of March/early April, around the Spring break. This time it will happen in early June.


Call for Papers: A call for papers is regularly issued every year around August (this year in October) and the call is reinforced in November. The deadline for submission is typically by the end of December and the selected papers are announced no later than by the end of January (this year March). Submissions of Luso-Brazilian coauthored works (also called Lubrafin papers) are particularly welcome. All the past participants receive the call for papers and are asked to promote the meeting within their respective network of research. Authors are invited to participate in the Meeting and to submit papers in all areas of Finance:

  • asset pricing
  • behavioral finance
  • corporate finance
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • corporate governance
  • derivatives
  • emerging markets
  • financial institutions
  • finance theory
  • financial econometrics
  • market micro-structure
  • mathematical finance
  • international finance
  • managerial accounting
  • other related topics.

Meeting Format: The organizing committee selects between eight and nine papers to be presented in the main sessions. Typically 4 papers are from the Brazilian side, chosen by the Brazilian organizers, and other four from the Portuguese side, chosen by the Portuguese organizers. If there is a Luso-Brazilian paper to be presented, the number of papers may increase to nine. These papers are presented in different sessions with variable geometry:

  • Friday Evening (short presentations)
  • Saturday morning (3 papers); 
  • Saturday afternoon (2 papers); 
  • and Sunday morning (3 papers). 

Saturday and Sunday presentations of these papers will last 45 minutes each, followed by comments from two discussants (10 minutes each), typically one from the Portuguese side and one from the Brazilian side. In order to facilitate the organization of the meeting and the allocation of discussants, a participant is considered 

  • Brazilian, if he or she works for a Brazilian institution or is a Brazilian national working outside Brazil and Portugal;
  • Portuguese, if he or she works for a Portuguese institution or is a Portuguese national working outside Brazil and Portugal;

The other papers accepted to the meeting are presented Friday (10 minutes each with no discussant assigned) in the so-called short sessions. 

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